January 18, 2018


With just over 24-hours to go until the National Rugby League’s 2016 season kicks-off, now might be as good a time as any to put your club scarf, jersey or shirt into the washing machine.

Unless of course you threw your old jersey out after catching a contagious bout of that common illness best known as Rugby rage.

In which case you’ll be enduring sleepless nights searching Ebay and Gum Tree trying to fight an exact replica minus the awful green and gold logo that kicked off the Dave Smith era.

Let’s hope somebody in the Australian Rugby League Commission is listening and gives Rugby League its own symbolic identity once again.

Perhaps the new logo could feature a bottle opener on it,  given how much the game depends on alcohol for sponsorship revenue. On that note I will now shake my head and walk into the wall sober.


For the benefit of commentators who struggle to pronounce non-Anglo surnames, the NRL’s official season guide has included phonetics next to some names. But this only applies to some stars of the game. Even the coaches missed out on this privilege.

Names such as Brad Arthur or Trent Robinson I’m sure would be very difficult to pronounce in some parts of England.

How does the NRL media department choose which players to leave out? It wasn’t long ago that Jeremy Smith was a very difficult title for some South Sydney fans. Don’t believe me?